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When first starting this course I was very new to public relations. The rest of my coursework pertained to marketing and web development. Most of my experience was in the technology field, so I was eager to learn more about the networking side of things. The first couple of weeks in this class really opened my eyes to the extensive process behind public relations. I realized that there are numerous steps to releasing a statement or creating a media piece. When releasing a statement several factors had to be decided on and analyzed. These key components are target audience, statement, summary, timeline, and output.

The target audience could vary depending on the particular business or message being delivered. For example, a tanning company may advertise to college students while a luxury car business may advertise to business professionals. The statement is what exactly the media item is meant to say. It is the message the company wishes to convey to the public. The summary is a few key pieces of information that are necessary for the audience to understand. The timeline is when each item needs to be completed, when media representatives need to be present, and when the media piece would be best released. Referring to the example above, a tanning salon may choose to release a message prior to spring break, while a luxury car company may choose to release a message in the same time tax returns are received. Each business has a specific purpose and goal. Public relations efforts have to be customized for these goals.


One thought on “Reaction Post 1

  1. Learning how to develop a well thought out PR campaign was a great part of this class. I enjoyed this assignment since I know this is a tool that is most likely used everyday by PR professionals in order to organize their thoughts and develop a strategy that reaches the final objective. I like how the PR campaign inspired creativity for me, as I can see it did for you in your tanning salon example. I believe we really learned how specifically defining your audience and goals can absolutely alter the course of action that is needed, so having to think of every detail for the PR campaign was a great exercise.

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