Reaction Post 2

      Another topic dicussed thoroughly in this course was communication channels and types. There are numerous ways to provide a message to a public. The method a company chooses should be the best communication possible based off cost to make the product, intended audience, information the product contains, and time spent making the public relations piece.

       Some of the most common communication channels are radio stations, television, the internet, newspapers, and events. Media items that can be distributed through these channels include radio announcements, commericials, web casts, newspaper advertisements, brouchures, flyers, and press releases. All of these pieces can be customized to fit particular business needs. For example, a radio advertisment can be 10 seconds to quickly spread awareness of an issue or it can be 30 seconds to provide the audience with a summary of the current situation and how they can be involved.

     I found this information to be very interesting. The variety of communication types available is crazy. It is amazing to know how many options public relations members have to deliver a message. I also found it very informative to learn the level of thinking that goes into each public relations deliverable. A brief announcement could take months of planning. That really awakened me to the importance of public relations and the level of critical analysis public relations officials need to  have to appropriately deliver a message.


Ariel Saultz



One thought on “Reaction Post 2

  1. Yes, I absolutely with this entire blog. There are many different media outlets for a PR professional to use, but from this class we really came to understand all of the little details that have to be considered. A good PR professional will know the purpose of each media source, the pros and cons of using that source, the style of writing required, and the audience that will receive view the PR deliverable. For example, it’s not just blindly saying “make a TV commercial for the new product”, but also requires you to think about which station, the time of day it will air, the type of commercial (persuasive or informative), how long the commercial will be, etc. Ultimately, PR professionals help the right message get delivered to the right people in the right way.

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