Reaction Post 3

     The final topic we discussed in this course was annual reports. All companies have a report that is compiled annually to reflect growth, change, financial elements, and community outreach. These reports can be audience specific for investors, employees, consumers, etc. However, the information in the report is based off of the progress of the company in the previous year.

    Non-profit reports tend to be geared more for investors, as that is the primary source of funding for the organization. For-profit reports include various items that may appeal more to particular groups. The company that I chose included the annual report on the investors website. There was quick access to the report through a link to a pdf file. Viewers could then search the report for key words or use the table of contents to locate desired sections.

    I found it very skill-building to use the same report in numerous assignments. It showed me the amount of information that annual reports contained while demonstrating the various ways to represent this information to the public. The brochure assignment focused on summarizing key points of the report while being visually appealing. The radio announcements only included information from the report relevant to community service. The whole process taught me that information will be available for businesses. How the information is displayed to the public, influences the message delivered and overall success of the company. The facts will always be the same. The way the facts are presented is what creates a positive or negative reaction from consumers.


Ariel Saultz



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