Website Monitoring Week 2

Online Strategy

NCWIT’s website includes many different components. There are separate resources for students, educators, businesses, and alliances. This separation makes it easy for users to access information relevant to their needs. In addition, each resources section includes links to other websites with further information to get involved and links to groups to actively participate and discuss STEM field opportunities for women and minorities.

The student section of the website includes links to resources on social media pages. There are private groups that are accessible only from students registered with the organization. This prevents spamming and encourages safety for the participants, while allowing a convenient medium to post questions and tips on being successful in the industry. In addition, there is a private section assessable from student profiles with opportunities in STEM fields including internships, scholarships, and jobs nationwide. These customized resources allow students resources necessary to locate positions that would otherwise be difficult to find.

There is also a news and events section of the website. This links to newsletters, blogs, videos, and live feeds from tech events. These links are updated very frequently to stay current and relevant. During the annual NCWIT summit, links are posted every hour to ensure each session and speech is added individually for future access. NCWIT employees sort through current news to find information outside of NCWIT events that would be useful for members to be informed of as well.

Capture Data

Data is captured through profiles created on the website. All users are required to create a login for full access to site resources. These logins separate users into groups (business, student, or alliance). Metrics are captured through the initial form input including age, education level, years in IT, and region the individual is located in. This is used to track trends and the amount of resources available in each area. It is also beneficial to partner students with executives and mentors willing to assist nearby their current location.

In addition, surveys are given to members on a quarterly basis. These surveys ask a variety of questions and offer an open-ended response section for suggestions to improve the group and website. Surveys are distributed through email and are optional to respond to. Results are then analyzed and reports are created identify opportunities and strengths for the website and resources currently available.

Business Model

The NCWIT business model is constantly changing. As a non-profit organization, funding is on the terms of investors and is always subject to change. In recent times, NCWIT has been making many new partnerships resulting in increased funding and an expanded business model. Additions to the business model include new programs, resources, networks, and events due to the partnerships being formed. The roots of the business model come down to three basic areas; connections and networking, outreach, and development. Connections include introducing student groups to companies in the industry, tech events, and other networking opportunities for students. Development includes programs and workshops to further the skillsets of students and educators in STEM fields. Outreach includes promoting the awareness of STEM fields to women and minorities.


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