Week 4 Website Monitoring


COSI advertises throughout the website. There are banners, images with links, and events on the calendar all to promote upcoming shows and events. The images with links scroll across the homepage of the website. Users are redirected using an on-click function. Some of the advertising includes 21+ only events. These events are advertised on social media, local news channels, and the COSI website directly. The homepage of the website includes upcoming giant screen movies, membership advertisements, and family events over the summer months. By emphasizing these dates and times, COSI is advertising their events to customers and promoting membership purchases. COSI does not advertise for external companies on their website. It is all advertisements relative to the organization and events within.

 cosi web page


COSI does not sell products online. Instead, the organization sells admission tickets and tickets to extra features within the building. COSI also rents out exhibits and meeting spaces for customers. Consumers have the option to rent several areas of the building for work events, banquets, weddings, and social gatherings. In addition, COSI always promotes donations to help support the growth of the center.


COSI communicates to the public in a variety of ways. The website includes a blog that is typically updated a couple of times monthly. These blogs include information about upcoming events and exhibits, as well as experiences at past encounters. In addition, the website includes a newsletter sign-up area. Customers that sign up for the newsletter receive emails from COSI once or twice a month with updates about the organization and highlights of upcoming events. Twitter and Facebook are also used by the marketing team to reach target visitors and reach larger audiences.

cosi communication


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