Week 5 Website Monitoring / Current Events

Customer service is crucial to the success of any business. NCWIT, a non profit organization, relies on the contributions of members and partners to fund the company. In this case creating a satisfying experience and promoting the value of the company influences the financial support of the organization.


Customer relationship management systems are beneficial to staying organized and delivering a satisfying experience to customers and partners. NCWIT is currently implementing a Salesforce CRM strategy due to a new partnership. However, previously the company considered using Insightly, a highly recommended tool for small businesses. Insightly includes “an integrated project management solution”(Waring, 2015). The extra features and low cost of the software made it a very appealing option for NCWIT. Until Salesforce is implemented, NCWIT has no CRM managing software. Everything is completed through social networks and individual schedules and tasks. As the company continues to grow, the urgency for CRM software increases.

Customer Service Policies

NCWIT has firm customer service policies addressing time, accuracy, and reflection of the organization. All voicemails and emails are responded to within 48 hours. In addition, dedicated staff members are assigned to specific groups to provide a better and more personalized answer to inquiries. Specialized representatives are available for students, alliance members, partners, and prospective donators. Being a technology group, NCWIT offers online methods of contact. An email address, social media presence, and online form all allow questions to be submitted and routed to the appropriate individual.

Web Site Navigation

The NCWIT website is very easy to navigate. It includes separate sections for students, career professionals, and members of alliances. The customized pathways allow viewers to locate relevant information directly from the website homepage. Once clicking the appropriate tab, users are directed to further information and resources. Upcoming events, program opportunities, and volunteer opportunities are all displayed for the viewer.

In addition, all news related items are in a separate category on the website. These include videos, blogs, newsletters, and articles relevant to the industry and mission of NCWIT. The homepage also has a moving slideshow that includes a direct link to summit information. This event is held annually and is the prime way NCWIT reaches out to new members and promotes the organization. Having direct access to further information about the summit is convenient for current members and individuals considering joining.

Organization is crucial to the effectiveness of a website. Making items easy to locate and relevant for users increases their site experience and increases overall customer satisfaction. NCWIT achieves this through “dividing categories clearly” and including separate menu options for each subcategory (Degeyter, 2012).

Customer- Facing Business Processes

Customer-facing business processes of NCWIT include marketing, training, and networking. NCWIT trains employees to offer the best services possible to members and locate resources to further help empower girls and women interested in STEM fields. NCWIT advertises its products and services through social media, local conferences, and in-person events at schools and companies nationwide. These marketing tactics are visible to potential donators and members. While production is a “business process”, the results of purchasing and creating products for members are customer facing (Markgraf, 2015). These items are given away at events and helped to further promote NCWIT.


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