Inspiration Journal 2- MCM 721

Text based design advertisements are very beneficial in the marketing world. There are several companies that have developed a successful strategy to implement verbal advertisements into their targeting. These advertisements can be displayed through several mediums, most popularly through email and web based applications such as social media.

While American Apparel has received high amounts of criticism in the past for the combination of the images and text in their advertisements, other companies have demonstrated strength in this marketing area. One competitor that in particular has used risky marketing terms, but attracted positive reviews from customers is torrid.

torrid 1

Image from:

The above advertisement uses a red filter to draw attention to the text and away from the model. While torrid products are displayed and zoomed in on for customers, focus is automatically directed to the 50% off sale. This clever placement and color scheming motivates viewers to take advantage of the current pricing and promotes sales at the company.


Image from:

This advertisement was included on the website and emailed out to customers to promote Torrid’s intimate clothing. The image is somewhat revealing, but uses a model that is clearly over 18 and does not include nudity. The black and white image is different from standard advertisements and grabs the attention of viewers. The white text contrasts very well with the gray and black ombre background. The email sent to customers included the subject line, “Jaws Will Drop!” (Torrid, 2015). This attention grabbing statement promotes purchasing products and the sexual appeal of the items.

torrid 2

Image from:

The above advertisement is for a valentines themed edition of torrid lingerie. The advertisement uses multiple colors of text on a grey background to stand out to the viewer. the color of the lingerie on the model corresponds to the text and heart shaped logo included on the advertisement. This shows a unique blend of words and model positioning to convey an overall theme.

torrid 4

Image from:

Torrid uses love advertisements during different times of the year. Through verbal advertising and phrases they attract customers and provide an emotion and feeling associated with their clothing. Whether it be sexual appeal, beauty, or uniqueness the brand is known for associating perceptions towards their product lines.

torrid 5

Image from:

Torrid sells work attire, casual clothing, and intimates. In the above advertisement the brand illustrated many of their different product options while using text to create a common theme. The simple message of “show your strips” connected all three model’s wardrobes into the advertisement. It is a creative and blended approach to advertising.


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