MCM 721- Inspiration Journal 3

Visual based advertisements use the imagery to convey a message to the audience. Minimal text is used outside of the brand name. This form of advertising typically involves models and staged scenes or themes. American Apparel has received negative publicity for using models in their visual advertisements that appear to be underage. The appearance of these models has caused controversy and made customers question whether American Apparel is over-sexualizing young women.

Competitors of American Apparel include Cacique, Torrid, and Lane Bryant. These clothing selling brands are also known for selling a variety of clothing including lingerie. Their advertisements are known to be slightly risky and target women that want to stand out and wear “sexy” clothing.


The above image is a visual based advertisement for Cacique lingerie. The products are known for fitting plus-sized women. The advertisement shows a diverse group of women and lingerie in many different styles. By removing color and displaying this advertisement as black and white, the focus is directed to the lingerie and not the women wearing it. It emphasizes the deep coloring of the products without being overwhelming.

lane bryant 2

Image from: Lane Bryant. (2012). Retrieved September 2, 2015, from

This advertisement includes three models all with different physical attributes. The variation in models shows the target market of the company. This advertisement was featured in July, so a red white and blue theme was incorporated. Without any text, the viewer can gather the theme of the advertisement as well as the target group it is intended to reach. In recent times, the target audience has changed from women in their 30’s to women in their early twenties.

cacique 2

Image from:

Part of the new Cacique campaign, the above advertisement displays only the campaign name with a hash tag. It shows models wearing lingerie with serious facial expressions. The theme of the advertisement is to appeal to women that do not fit the normal mold. It encourages behavior that is outside of societal expectations and coincides with the overall theme of American Apparel.

lane bryant 4

Image from:

The above image included the campaign displays a model promoting sex appeal of all sizes. The model was quoted saying, “It’s all about how you feel” (Achkar, 2015). The advertisement is very simple but has a very bold statement about the direction the brand is heading. Cacique is inspiring women of plus size to embrace their sex appeal and wear clothing that makes them feel good about themselves.

lane bryant 5

Image From:

lane bryant 6

Image from:

Both of the above advertisement campaign images demonstrate women feeling comfortable in lingerie. They demonstrate confidence and illustrate it using body positioning. One woman has very messy hair and a low effort look, while the other appears to be dancing. Both women seem very comfortable in their appearance which is the goal of the campaign.


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