MCM 721- Inspiration Journal 4

Synergy advertisements include combining text with images to convey a message to the viewer and promote a brand or product. American Apparel has used synergy advertisements in the past for a combined theme of sex appeal in relationship to their clothing products. A competitor in the industry that has had success with synergy advertising and received less controversy is Urban Outfitters.


The above photo uses the image of women drinking while not focusing on the upper half of their body. Emphasis is drawn to their leggings and panty hose, which is the product being sold as well as the theme of drinking. “Make it Party” coincides with the theme of the advertisement and attempts to make the viewer associate having an exciting evening partying with the products in the advertisement.


In the above advertisement displayed on social media, Forever 21 uses a combination of an image and text to get the attention of customers. The incentive of the summer promotion draws in a larger audience and attention to the product. Without including text about the promotion viewer attention would not have been as massive.


This advertisement uses the revealing image of a model to grab user’s attention and text to promote the collection being advertised. The text combined with the background color is sure to make a lasting impression to the viewer and be easy to remember. The outfit being worn by the model meets the “festival” theme.


This advertisement combines text with an image to create sexual appeal of the brand. The chemistry between the celebrities in the advertisement combined with the phrase “unwrap the party” is a playful twist on the holiday collection. It draws attention to the brand and encourages discussion in the media. It was a good strategy to broaden awareness and hype popularity of the brand.

american eagle

The final advertisement is from competitor, American Eagle. The image includes a model in lingerie. Combined with text promoting the benefits and promotions of the products, positive feedback was received from customers. Sales increased in connection to this advertisement. It includes a balance of image appeal mixed with effective usage of text.


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